The Bungalow

(c 1910-1930)

Many styles of architecture can be found in Hilliard.  Architecture is the way homes and other buildings are designed and built. Styles of architecture change over years. For instance, homes that are built in Hilliard today look very different from those built in the 1970s. 

In the early 1900s, one popular style of home was called the bungalow. The bungalow home used many natural building materials, such as stone, wood, and stucco. The homes were usually not very tall, which helped them blend in with the environment.

A magazine from the early 1900s called The Craftsman showed pictures of these homes. That is how people learned about them and made them popular. Many people began to build bungalows after seeing the magazine.

One of the noticeable shapes of a bungalow is a roofline that hangs out far over the edge of the home.  The roof is supported by triangular brackets that also decorate the home. The homes usually had large, wide porches with heavy posts on the corners.

If you travel down Norwich Street in Hilliard, you will see several bungalow style homes. Look for shorter buildings with one story or one and one-half stories. Look for large porches and wide corner posts.

Adapted by Bill Wheeler