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“ For me, history is the synthesis of countless stories. There is no greater resource than to tap into the memories of those who were there, to unearth the stories… From these memories, we shape that thing we call history – no longer dry dates and places, but a living organism that relates to us on a profoundly personal level. ”              — Ken Burns

While the work done to date to capture the history of Hilliard Franklin County has been monumental, this project is NOT DONE!

We want students and people in the community to help make this history come alive with stories from those who have lived here and experienced life here.

This is your opportunity to add to the story that is the Hilliard History Express. Come on board.

Stories to tell:

History / Life in the area
A culture living here
Historic building
People who have made a significant contribution to the community

NWHE Project Guidelines

If you have questions, comments or are interested in contributing to the Hilliard History Express, please fill out this form so we can contact you to arrange submission of the story.