The Hilliard History Express website and its resources would not have been possible without generous grants and volunteers from several organizations.  Without these people and supporters, this project would have “died on the vine.”

An incredible amount of thanks goes out to each of these organization and people who contributed in so many ways.

Hilliard Education Foundation awarded a grant to the project to do the development work on the website. This has proved to be invaluable as you can see by the beautiful layout, design and interface that the webmaster created.

Hilliard Convention and Visitors Bureau awarded a grant to the project to provide equipment for the digitization of artifacts, articles and photos. To date, the partnership has digitized over 500MB of materials and edited over 2 hours of video.

The staff of the Historical Society- Pat, Mary Alice, Mary Margaret and the Board have provided guidance, research and help in the classification of materials. Their suggestions, stories and support really helped us to find what we needed and reach our goals. In addition, the community members who shared their stories in the videos and those who helped to judge our Old Hilliard Map contest.

Many dedicated teachers from Hilliard City Schools participated in the pilot team, development team and the writing of articles for the project.

Local History Project Team Members


Thank You

Mrs. Kulik-Brown and the Hilliard Darby High School Media Arts classes participated in a design contest to develop an Old Hilliard map. The winning map can be found in the Multimedia section on the home page! They were all great.

Mrs. Whitman and the Technology Productions courses at Hilliard Darby High School edited and produced videos of local historians sharing their stories about life in the area.

Kelly Ramm served as our webmaster for the Hilliard History Express. She put in immeasurable evenings and weekends to create this masterpiece of a site.

Christy Farnbauch provided ideas and help in our grant writing efforts and partnership support.

Members from the Hilliard Franklin County Historical Society who helped judge the student projects. Thanks to Thelma Allemang, Tim Woodruff, Randy Smith, Vic Miller and Pat Garbrandt.

The Hilliard District Technology Teachers have given amazing help through their ideas, inspiration, writing and organization. Thank you Kay Bible, Lauren Davis, Meribeth Gillies, Beth Glenn, Kathy Parker-Jones and Bill Wheeler.

To all of you… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Our students and community will benefit from this foundational work for years to come.