In the pioneer days, people who lived in Hilliard Franklin County spent a lot of their time growing, tending and harvesting the food that they would eat. They had to depend on the land, the plants and the animals to survive. They did not have supermarkets and fast food restaurants to provide the food that they needed.

But over time, fewer people farmed the land, and more people got jobs working in factories and businesses. These jobs made it possible for them to buy their food instead of grow it.  As a result, general stores and then grocery stores began to sell more and more food.

Today, supermarkets carry thousands of items in their stores and most people buy their food their and at restaurants. In addition, the changing population of Northwest Franklin County has increased the demand for different kinds of foods from many different countries and cultures. 

Below you will find some sample recipes from foods that pioneers would make from what they could find or grow on the farm. You will also find a slide show of the many different choices that people have today when they buy food or go out to eat.

aa chinaAsian ExpressCarrabbasCheeseburger in ParadiseChipotleCiCi's PizzaCracker Barrel El vaqueroFirst WatchIacono PizzaMax and ErmasNo 1 ChineseSalvi's BistroStarliner DinerTaj Palace

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