When John Reed Hilliard first developed Hilliard’s Station, he set aside two (2) lots on the northeast corner of Main and Norwich Streets for the location of a church. These lots were sold at a minimal cost to the Methodist Church, the first organized congregation in the center of Hilliard, for construction of a church building. A frame building was constructed in 1855, and was replaced by the present brick church structure in 1883. This building served the Methodist congrega­tion until 1957 when a new church was constructed out­side of the Old Hilliard area.

In addition to the Methodist Church, which was the dominant denomination in Hilliard, a Christian Disciple Church was con­structed further north on Main Street in about 1865.

But these were not the only churches or religions in the area. Over the years, many churches, temples and other religious buildings have been built in Hilliard Franklin County.

In the section below, there is an article and some photos on some of the earliest churches in the area as well as a timeline of their significant events. There is also a slideshow of a number of the different religious buildings you can find in Hilliard Franklin County today.

Church of ChristMormon TempleCorner Chistian FellowshipFirst BaptistUnited MethodistJehovah WitnessLife PointMaranatha BaptistMosqueHilliard BibleHilliard ChapelOpen Gate Church of GodScioto Ridge United Methodist ChurchSt. BrendenSt. James LutheranUpper Arlington Luthern

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