Interview Questions & Talking Points

What do 3rd Graders need to know about the local community?


How have significant events in the area affected the community over time?

Describe changes in the community over time including changes in:


How have the physical characteristics of the area (i.e., landforms, bodies of water, climate and vegetation) been modified by the local community?

How have changes in transportation and communication affected patterns of settlement and economic activity in the area?


Explain the structure of local governments and identify local leaders (e.g., township trustees, county commissioners, city council members or mayor).

Identify goods and services provided by local government, why people need them and the source of funding (taxation).

Explain the major functions of local government including:

People in Societies

How has the influx of cultural groups impacted the community?

What outcomes can result when people of different cultural backgrounds interact?

Compare some of the cultural practices and products of various groups of people who have lived in the local community including: