Architecture 2000-present

Present day architecture in Northwest Franklin County is a mix of past history, modern designs, and new construction that copies historical themes. Some new construction such as the Hilliard Library is very modern in its style. 

Some buildings like this restaurant look as if they had been built long ago. Others like this community center look as if they came from a very different place and time all together.

Continued growth in the area after 1990 has created the need for many, many new homes. These homes vary in size and price. They are built as attached apartments and condominiums and separate homes with yards. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. As the population of the area gets older, the need for different types of housing has increased. One story homes that are attached and require no yard work are popular with these people. Large clubhouses are available for entertaining friends.

Building materials used today are more durable than the wood structures that once stood in this area. Vinyl siding, stucco and brick insure that today’s construction will be standing for a long time.

So what is in store for the future of architecture in Northwest Franklin County? The current trend in building is to build “green.” The term “green” refers to the earth. Architects and home builders are learning how to build homes that will help conserve our resources and protect our environment by keeping it clean. These buildings will use less energy to heat, cool and light. They will be made of materials such as plastics and metals that have been recycled. Building green is a way that we can make our resources last longer. We will be safer and have cleaner air to breathe.

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Overview compiled by Bill Wheeler