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Because Northwest Franklin County was built around the trains and depots, there were a lot of trains that would pass through the area every day. Now that more families had cars, people were getting stopped by the trains as they traveled through town. In 1979, an underpass was opened that made traveling down Hilliard-Cemetery Rd. much easier because you could now drive under the train track!

You can see more of Bob Staley’s political cartoons in the Multimedia section of the website.

Another big event during this period was the Energy Crisis. In the winter of 1977, students got a whole month off of school!  You can learn more about that in the Education section of the timeline.


The was a Mulberry Tree along Hilliard-Cemetery Rd that was considered the largest one in the state of Ohio in 1980.

New parks and recreation opportunities were added for people to enjoy during the late 1900s. The Municipal pool, the Rails to Trails and Homestead Park all opened during this time. You can learn more about the parks in the Recreation and Arts section of the site.


In the 1990's many people began moving into the area because of the school system. Other things people thought about were the location of the house, the lot size and homebuilder. Brixton Estates was built in the 1990s which greatly enlarged Hilliard’s population. There were many other subdivisions and condominiums built.

What’s Happening in the US and the World

Computers and Technology

Internet created- Although the Internet was available for the government and universities in the 1960s, most homes didn’t start getting Internet access until the 1990s.

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Expansion Growth by Brooke Germaine

Edited and Compiled by Rich Boettner