Transportation & Technology

2000 - present

It is late in the 2000s and there have already been dramatic changes in the area of technology. How many changes can you name? How do you think technology will continue to change? 


We continue to rely on the automobile as our primary means of daily transportation. Once again we are facing an energy crisis. Our supply of natural resources is being used up faster than they are being replenished. The hybrid car has become a popular alternative to the “gas guzzling” automobile. Car manufacturers are again building smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Unlike the energy crisis of the 1970’s, this is a long-term problem. What do you think the car of the future is going to look like?

Trains are now used mainly to haul freight. There are still a few that provide passenger service, but none of the trains that come through Northwest Franklin County carry any people today.

Commercial plane service continues to be very popular. The Concorde was retired in 2003 ending its transatlantic flight service. Planes have become smaller, with fewer flights offered. A new airline began operating out of Columbus, Ohio in 2007. Skybus flew its first flight on May 22, 2007. They offer fares as low as $10.00 (there are only 10 of those for each flight). The airlines are also being affected by the energy crisis. How do you think the energy crisis will affect the flying industry?


How many cell phones does your family have? The cell phone has almost replaced the telephone. Many homes no longer have a “land line” phone, instead they just rely on their cell phone to communicate. Cell phones have really evolved. They have become much more than cell phones. You can also use them as cameras, video cameras and MP3 players. They also became small enough to fit into your pocket! Maybe someday, your computer and your phone will be the same thing. Apple once again changed the cell phone industry, when on June 29, 2007 it released the iPhone. How do you think cell phones will continue to change?

Do you have an e-mail address? Do you have more than one? E-mail has almost replaced letter writing. It’s much easier for people to sit down and send off a quick e-mail, than to take the time to write a letter. Letter writing is becoming a lost art. Many people have more than one e-mail address. They may have one for work and one for home.


Today, some households have more than one computer. Many jobs require a computer. Computers have become faster and smaller. They can now make DVDs! You can even go wireless-how amazing is that! You can take your laptop to a coffee shop and connect to the Internet without any cords. What do you think the computer of the future is going to look like? What new inventions will change our world?

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Overview compiled and edited by Lauren Davis

iPhone, MacBook, Courtesy of Apple
Skybus, Courtesy of Skybus