Education 1900-1939

primary schoolThe school system was still called the Norwich Township Rural District at this time. In the early 1900s children began to be transported to school. They were transported by horses or horse and buggy by their parents and neighbors. In 1912, the Board of Education felt that this wasn’t the best way to transport students to school because of the addition of cars. They were concerned about the safety of the students. The Board began to consider other types of wagons to transport students to school. By 1918, the Board of Education accepted bids to take children to and from the schools in Amlin and Hilliard by either horse-drawn vehicles or auto truck!  The school board decided on using 14 foot wagons. Horses pulled these wagons.

During this time the Hilliard Schools and the Norwich Township Schools merged to become the Norwich Township Public Schools. The Hilliard High School was built for a cost of $11,000 in 1905-1906. It was located on the site where Scioto Darby Elementary School stands today. The first telephone was placed in the new high school, which was called Norwich Township School. The schools were heated by coal.

In 1912, Brown Township paid $4.00 a month for its students to attend the Norwich Township Schools high school. Two years later, the Brown Township School District and the Norwich Township School District combined so that the Norwich superintendent could supervise for both districts.

The combined Norwich and Brown Boards of Education built Hilliard Elementary School in 1917. It housed first through eighth grades. Hilliard Station Sixth Grade Building is now located on the site.

Brown Elementary was built in 1931 at the present Brown Elementary location.

During this time period the Hilliard area’s enrollment was approximately 450 students and employed 17 teachers.


The Blue and White, A History of the Public Schools of Hilliard Ohio, 1814 to 1994, c. 1994
Articles adapted by Amy Wolf, Leslie Salamony, Linda Bryant, Joyce Temple and Anita Dignan

Overview compiled and edited by Kay Bible