Recreation & the Arts 1940-1969

After the great depression ended, families had more time to spend together. Families could take vacations because they had more money and transportation became more affordable.

hockey teamDuring the 1940s families continued to enjoy attending sporting events such as Ice Hockey. The Columbus Checkers was the first professional hockey team in Columbus. The team played its first game at the Ohio Expo Center Coliseum in Columbus as part of the International Hockey League (IHL).

Toys made of wood and metal were popular in the 1940s. Often times toys were designed to teach children skills they would use later in life. An example of this is an Erector Set. Bikes, Wagons, and Pedal Cars were also popular with children.

Dancing and music became more popular with teens. Rock and Roll became popular in the 1950s with singers such as Elvis Presley, and The Beatles. Country and western music performed by a local musician, Clarance E Shisler remained popular with parents and grandparents in the 1940s. 

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The Quartoquecentennial of a Pride Community-1978 Hilliard, Ohio
Overview Compiled and Edited by Beth Glenn.

Northwest Franklin County Historical Village
from Ohio Scrapbook