Services & Business in the 1800’s

Hilliard (called Hilliard’s Station) in the 1800s consisted of a post office and a few businesses. In addition to the post office you could find a grocery store, a drug store, a doctor’s office, and a hotel. These were all located near the middle of what is now called Old Hilliard near the railroad station.

The first Hilliard’s Station Post Office was established at Smiley's Corners in Norwich Township with Mr. David Smiley as postmaster.  In 1854, the United States Government closed the Smiley’s Corners post office and created a new office. The word “Station” was dropped from the name.  “Hilliard’s Station” became just “Hilliard.” From 1854-1897 the post office was moved from building to building depending on who the postmaster was at the time. 

The Hotel Franklin was originally located at the corner of Main Street and Norwich Street. It was one of the earliest businesses in Hilliard.

There were some services also offered to early residents of Hilliard. The Oddfellows was an organization that provided services to its members and to the community.

There were no utilities such as natural gas, electricity and water. Water was pumped from the ground.  Homes were lighted with kerosene, and people cooked over wood-burning stoves.

If you needed medical help, there was a single doctor, Dr. Merryman, to help you. Community volunteers and neighbors put out house fires.  Lots of buckets were used because there were no fire trucks or running water.


“Postal Services” Quartoquecentennial of a Pride Community-1978  Hilliard, Ohio
Overview Compiled and Edited by Meribeth Gillies, Bill Wheeler, and Kathy Parker-Jones